Join Us For The Penultimate Edition of The 2016 Katra Film Series!


On Saturday, October 15th in the Lower East Side, 13 riveting shorts will compete for $800 in total prizes chosen by audience vote. Watch quality independent cinema, network with talented filmmakers while enjoying delicious cocktails, participate in the Q&A, and vote for your favorite short film or web series!

Lineup (not exact order):

Waiting for Daybreak – directed by Aviv Kosloff
Even when tearing through dark, gothic landscapes in a convertible Jaguar, Vampire Girl doesn’t feel free. Waiting for Daybreak is a road movie about a vampiress who learns that, just like the rest of us, she can’t run away from herself. The film is a metaphor for the powers ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds have over our lives.

Dragonfly – directed by Carl Carter Greene
Zac has suffered a traumatic event which has left him feeling lost and isolated from society. The attempts to help by those closest to him are met with little success. Ultimately it is Zac alone who must take drastic measures in order to emerge anew.

bOO – directed by Teresa Lu
A little girl must deal with the aftermath of her brother’s heroin overdose on Halloween night.

Feast at the beach – directed by Thomas Bentey
One hell of a party….

Cap’n Flapjack – directed by Josh Steinbauer
A lonely pirate with a pancake delivery service has several stops to make.

Slice – directed by Daniel Ferry
Lily Drover led a typical city-dweller’s life until she found her newest obsession: murder. Desperate to escape her mundane day-to-day life, she begins luring in the unsuspecting in a twisted, murderous spree to satisfy her dark desires, all the while narrowly escaping detection by the authorities.

Detention – directed by Giovanni Maccellil
Sara is a new student in high school who has been grounded along with four other students at the end of class. When the school gets empty, with the presence of only one of her teachers, something weird happens.

Kelly & Jason – directed by Bidemi Akanbi
Jason is ready to take the relationship to the next level but Kelly has other things on her mind.

That Girl – directed by Brandon Lee
A young couple still in the honeymoon phase discuss relationship and love in the 21st century whilst the thought lingers if they’re truly suited for each other.

Misaligned – directed by Kabir Chopra
Raj was born without love lines on either of his hands, but he has been granted the power to see people’s Zodiac signs. But then he falls for the one woman whose sign he cannot see, and discovers that she’s engaged to someone else.

Break – directed by Nicholas Santos
An African-American teenager’s relationship with a girl changes forever after an encounter with her step-father.

Solace – directed by Marvin Van Buren
A college dropout forms an unlikely bond with a homeless man after an encounter with violence.

Looking through the windows – directed by Cris Thorne
A dramatic comedy series about “adulating”.

2016 Katra Film Series – October 15th – 530p-10:30p
217 Bowery btw. Rivington and Prince St.
New York, NY 10002
$15 advance online ticket sales
$20 cash door only
(All tickets include Screenings, Q&A, after party)