Woman With Violin – dir. Mariam Bakashvili

An immigrant woman rushes to a violin audition confident that she will pass it.

Artaud’s Descendants – dir. Tom Escovar

Hank and Sid, a self-proclaimed writing and directing dream team, set out to push the boundaries of theatre if they can only figure out what they’re doing.

How I Disappeared – dir. Yannick Mosimann

I feel I’m going blind and mute. My body goes numb and starts to scale off. The familiar reality of time and space is gone. I lose every connection whatsoever and slip away from myself entirely. A filmic approximation to the state of inner disorientation.

The Perfumist – dir. Yukari Akaba Rockmuller, Shannon Lee, Daniela Lobo Dias, Sandra Rivero Ortiz

The Perfumist is a dramatic story highlighting the battle of Machine-Equipped Man against Cosmic Nature. Seeking the perfect scent for his perfume, Benedict Malville runs into the consequences of trampling on sacred, natural ground.

Great Expectations – dir. Don Downie

Maribeth just needs some help to finish a big project but ends up with much more than she expected! Sometimes more is less.

This is the story of what happens when overachiever Maribeth tries to ease her work pressures and interviews potential assistants, one wackier than the other. Dismissively banishing each applicant, she starts getting threatening phone calls from her employer and becomes, in the end, as jobless and needy as the last candidate, who weeps at the suggestion of not getting hired. In disappointed resignation, they both share some butter pecan ice cream.

Time, Love, Choice – dir. Yu-Ting Chang

Alice was trapped in hell. Ten years later, she wants her freedom back to have her own family. Alice makes a deal with the Devil. However, she needs to take her ex-lover’s life in exchange.

27 dimensions – dir. Cass O’meara

Miriam and Lenny are frustrated online daters who have finally found their perfect mates – at least on paper. They match on 27 out of 30 dimensions – you know, on the dating website! Will they make a perfect love connection, or will their wily waiter drive a wedge between them?

Cheryl & Denise – dir. Johanny Mota

While on a jog Denise gives a stranger, Cheryl, directions. Cheryl finds her way right into Denise’s life turning her life upside down.

Blind Date – dir. Adrienne Lovette

One night in New York City, Sam, an overworked pediatrician who still can’t find “the one”, is set up on a blind date with a British romantic named Charlie. Upon arrival, she is surprised to find that Charlie is not who she was expecting at all. The pair spends an evening together, and a curious connection begins to spark. Charming, surprising, and filled with big city optimism.

Single Rules – dir. Matthew Mahoney

Millie has been out of the dating scene for a while and is ready to jump back in head first into a pool with no water. Her rookie mistakes keep her friends on their toes as they try to help Millie break her bad dating habits. Beginners luck might just be on her side as we go on a journey where she will grow and better herself…with or without a man.

Seeking Sublet – dir. Katie Tibaldi

A new comedy web series about two roommates in search of the perfect third roommate in New York City. Think you’ve had bad roommates? Tune in. Commiserating begins here.

Liberty – dir. Rosanne Limoncelli

Libby is on the edge, stuck working at her family’s diner, held back by fear and obligations. Just as her thoughts begin to turn desperate, she has a chance meeting with someone from her past that could change everything.

The Bouquet – dir. Julien Segard & Romain Carciofo

On a deserted road, driving an antique car, Stephane hurries to a wedding where he is the best man. Terribly late, he realizes that he forgot the bride’s bouquet.

All I Want – dir. Venika Mitra

This is the story of a purposeful, single minded and unwavering pursuit, of a street urchin Ratan, to buy one mango.