Join us for the 2017 Katra Film Series – Season Premiere on February 11th! Now in our 6th Season we have partnered up with industry leaders Digital Ocean, Red Digital Cinema, Pond5, Backstage, International Screenwriters Association, and more!

Full Lineup (not exact order):

DEAR NEW PRESIDENT – directed by Cameron Scout Bontrager

Written and directed by 10 year old, Cameron Scout Bontrager. Cameron wanted the world to know that the youth have a voice too. The interviews reveal children’s thoughts on the recent election and the upcoming 4 years. They are very light-hearted, meaningful and sometimes humorous.

NUBE – directed by Joel Vargas

Following the election of Donald Trump, Nube, a New York City bottle recycler, must go through her day in order to then perform the inconceivable.

THREE TREMBLING CITIES – directed by Arthur Vincie

An intimate portrait of the inner lives and daily struggles of the immigrants that make NYC’s heart tremble with hope.

TWICE UPON A TIME- Directed by Paul Borghese

After five years, WTC widow Isabel is still mourning her husband’s death. Since the loss she’s consumed herself with her career and raising their son Eric Jr.

HANI’S BARBER SHOP – directed By Tomer Werechson – Israel

Hani is a 35 years old single hairdresser that is struggling between her two biggest dreams: being a successful and well known hairdresser and finding true love.

ORAZIO’S CLAN – directed by Riccardo Bernasconi – Switzerland

Three gypsy vampires have sworn not to drink human blood until the finding of an unconscious young woman destroys their will power. Things get complicated when they aren’t the only ones interested in the girl.

PRYOR TIME – directed by Aaron Sheer

In 1986, a boy leaves his safe, suburban home to attend a Richard Pryor comedy show in New York City.

HALF EMPTY- directed by Sheldon J. Walker

Charlie, a mid-20s computer coder for a new startup company, struggle with alcoholism.

THANKS-4-GIVING – directed by Eliezer Vergara

A comedy about a couple named Chris and Greta. Chris happily shares everything with Greta, but she never gets anything of her own.

MARITAL ARTS directed by Anthony Marinelli-

Carlo and Claudia are a married couple in the midst of a heated argument about a suspicion of infidelity but have previously made an agreement that neither one of them could leave their bedroom until any conflict has been resolved, acknowledging a plot device in the 1941 Alfred Hitchcock film, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

HIGH & TIGHT – directed by Luis Servera

A mysterious man who committed double-homicide 7 years ago returns to the small town where he committed it to get a haircut from the town barber, the father of the man he killed.

AN UNWELCOMED GUEST – directed by Alain Alfaro

A concoction of lies and insecurities spiral into uncharted subjects when long-time friend, Josh, comes to visit newly-engaged Victor with some news about his fiance, Kathy.

YOU GOT A PROBLEM – directed by Charles Mandracchia

Uncle Louie and his Italian-American Paisanos solve a problem that the Pizza Man is having with a bunch of kids from a Brooklyn neighborhood. You got a problem, no problem…just call Uncle Louie. He’ll take care of it! No Problem!

A TASTE FOR IT- directed by Oliver David

An Old Woman has a Strange Subterranean Encounter

2017 Katra Film Series – February 11 – Start Time 5pm
217 Bowery btw. Rivington and Prince St.
New York, NY 10002
$17 advance online ticket sales
$25 cash door only
(All tickets include Screenings, Q&A, afterparty, Free Postings on Backstage)

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