(Lineup order subject to change)

JIHADI STREET – directed by Yulia Fomenko

Jihadi Street is a Sesame Street parody. It tries to answer the question – “What if ISIS produced children’s television show to recruit kids?” Jihadi Street short film explores stark, profound realities of the current state of media, its’ influence on children and adults around the world.

¡HOLA KITTY! – directed by Daniel Burity / produced by Daniel Burity, Vera Queiroz

Experience how a Hello Kitty costume changes the way a Mexican immigrant, who works in Times Square, is perceived.

JACK AND JILL – directed by Nikhil Melnechuk / produced by Nicole Cosgrove, Spencer Gillis, Ludovic Littee

Two roving tough girls wreak small-town havoc and seek redemption.

FOR TONIGHT – directed by Jack Sullivan / Produced by Ksenia Tolmazin

A lonely and rejected man seeks intimate connection with the opposite sex.

UNDERWATER – directed by Bryan Fitzgerald / produced by Monica Palmieri, Bryan Fitzgerald, Valéry Lessard

A teen struggles to retain a sense of self as he loses himself in the drug-induced haze of high school parties.

PARADISE – directed by Matt McCanna

A young Skateboarder from the Bronx searches for paradise.

TELL TALE – directed by Alex Zou / produced by Shu Zhu

On an expedition, a girl is caught between two men and makes a tragic choice.

COWBOY’S GIRL – directed by Andrew Piccone / Produced by Diahnna Nicole Baxter

A tense father/daughter reunion spirals out of control.

DAFFY – directed by Ayden Skye / produced by Kieran Altmann

At a school dance in 1976, an unlikely friendship buds between a timid boy and a girl with a tarnished reputation.

THE AVE – directed by Bobby Ashley / produced by Mical Milus, Bobby Ashley

After a police officer shoots an ambitious African American student, his Brooklyn community rallies.

#JUSTMOVE – directed by Lue McWilliams / produced by Lue McWilliams

 An exploration: Does age determine physical ability and movement?

PARSLEY GIRL – directed by Scarlett/Sijia Li

A mother’s desire decides the destiny of her daughter, but what will her daughter make of it?

DROPPED BARS – co-directed by Marcus Lorenzo

Inspired by a true story. A young musical artist struggles to pursue his dreams. With the support of loved ones and faced with unforeseen events, he finds courage he never realized he had.

STOWAWAY – directed by Kenneth Anderson

A woman secretly embarks on a voyage at sea.

 WE WILL CALL YOU BACK – directed by Anya Prokhorina

When an unsuccessful actress’ spirits fall, the timeless Virginia Wolf intervenes.

2017 Katra Film Series – April 8, 2017 – 6pm
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New York, NY 10002
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$30 cash door only
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