FALL LINEUP – 2017 SEASON FINALE (lineup order subject to change):

The Still Life (12:12) – Directed by Yun Xie

Chris, a photographer, desperately seeking inspiration, finds himself in the right place at the wrong time. He soon realizes that in order to capture his subject’s, he’s going to have to put down his camera.

Microscopia (4:32) – Directed by Nikolaus Jantsch

The content of this work is about code, the code that surrounds us, that builds the chains of life, the code that is the source of all living and non-living structure. Is there a relation between the macro and the micro world? Has a bug a similar surface as the moon?

Conversations Centered Around Black Bodies: Black Lives Matter (9:35) – Directed by Christopher Conti

Two strangers intersect at a park bench and initiate an intimate conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cake (9:22) – Directed by Anne Hu

Eliza, a bisexual woman, tries to explore her sexuality within her marriage with her husband, Thomas, by surprise ordering a seemingly human female sex robot. But the sex robot is not the cure-all she had hoped for. Be careful what you wish for.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/198495346

Troll: A Southern Tale (11:30) – Directed by Marinah Janello

An eccentric artist navigates self-expression through his experiences living and growing up in the South.

 I Love New York (10:54) – Directed by Christian Vogeler

After an NYC first-timer befriends a savvy street girl on the train, she takes him on a fantastical ride through all the city’s pitfalls. But nothing’s free in this town, so tighten up your hustle or you might just get hustled yourself.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/191375968

Happy Hour (13:55) – Directed by Gretl Claggett

When a woman meets her boyfriend for a romantic night out, a martini triggers childhood memories that threaten her ability to trust and love.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/72761339

Evil Woman (13:37) – Directed by Danny Turkiewicz

The night Brandon plans on proposing to his girlfriend of seven years, he finds out the dark and hilarious truth about her past.

John Brothers Gym (5:52) – Directed by Lydia Folckomer

Two brothers, Jerry and Manu, own and operate a gym, and life is great. But everyday family business is interrupted when Manu realizes Jerry operated the yoga studio like a total sham. He decides to hire Elisa, a professional yoga instructor. Manu thinks Elisa is fantastic, Jerry hates Elisa, and Elisa loves everyone. It’s your normal family business.

Toute La Vie (9:30) – Directed by Ella Mische

Toute La Vie is a romantic comedy with an eerie twist set in the Art Deco-Jazz style. We meet to lovers who stumble upon an abandoned apartment later to realize they are ghosts, stuck in a dream-like state, reliving the first night they met.

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart (21:30) – Directed by Christoph Rainer

The hopelessly romantic Lisa takes desperate measures to win her former lover back. But the fact that he already has a new girl at his side and that Lisa needs to bring along her alcoholic father does not particularly help. Tragedy takes its course.

 Silent Cries: The Prelude (15:30) – Directed by Shauntay Cherry

An underemployed construction worker begins to buckle under the pressures of fatherhood as his son’s 7th birthday approaches.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5ia4MDCgNw

Something Happened (19:09) – Directed by Nikhil Melnechuk

A young man has one weekend to fix his life. A young woman has one weekend to escape hers.

The Run-In (10:11) – Directed by Peter Talamo

On her way home from a late night party, Hannah experiences an unnerving encounter with a stranger who leaves her mentally paralyzed.


2017 Katra Film Series – September 16, 2017 – 5pm-1030pm
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