Join us on August 15th for an incredible lineup of short content including works from Japan, France, and Sweden! Each selected work will compete for a prize valued over $200 voted by the audience and the winning film advances to the penultimate round in December.


Film Lineup (not exact order):

YOUNG FLACCID GONE DIE – directed by Johnny Bauers and David Woon

When naive teen rapper Young Flaccid is shot at an awards show by his nemesis, the washed-up old school rapper Lil’ Unkle, he is shocked to wake up in the hospital and find that his record company faked his death in order to sell more posthumous records.

TEASERS – directed by Rafael De Leon Jr.

It’s girls night for three friends who take pride and amusement in leading guys on. However, their latest victims decide to hit back with a tease of their own: a scare that gets out of control.

Q’s ONE NIGHT STANDS – directed by Terrence L. Moore

No drunk chicks, no ho’s, and they can’t be from Staten Island! These are a few of the rules Quinton has for one night stands. Unfortunately, even relationships that end before sunrise have complications.

59 DAYS IN NY – directed by Mandira Chauhan

A musical webseries that follows aspiring singer-songwriter, Amy, as she strives to make it in NYC with only 59 budgeted days before running out of money.

TOTAL ANIMAL III– directed by Guerlotté Tristan

Submerged beings plasticized with sensual vibrations are breaking under destructive sounds. These creatures clot together in their oleaginous universe all the way to total annihilation.

REQUIEM – directed by Tamara Varga and Goblin Mikkanen

Requiem is about the existential struggle to liberate ourselves from the grasp of matter. In the flow of animated images metamorphosis interchanges with scenes of peaceful beauty that leave room for contemplation.

DOUBLE DOG DARE – directed by Tanmaya Shekhar

Two co-workers try to best one another in an increasingly self-destructive game of one-upmanship.

LUCKY AND THE PIRATES – directed by Karen Goldfarb

In ancient Shanghai, a plucky Shih Tzu, Lucky, must fend for himself after his mistress Chi Yu is banished from her castle. Along with Leo, a young waif living on the streets — they stow away on a pirate ship in search of adventure — and his lost love.

BLACK SUN – directed by Christian Caputo

Agent Langan attempts to convince his old friend Max Viggorido to help him hunt down members of a mysterious cult who have engaged in several ritualistic murders.

A MAN, A HORSE: A PORTRAIT OF RAMON “TITO” MOYA – directed by Kevin Torres

A portrait of a young horse jockey who grew up in Newark, NJ. He shares his passion, what it takes to become a successful jockey, the dangers and glories of riding, and the difficult journey he had to undertake to achieve his goals in the world of professional horse racing.

2015 Katra Film Series – Sat. Aug 15th – 5p-1030p

217 Bowery St. between Rivington & Prince St.

New York, NY 10002

$15 advance online ticket sales

$20 cash door only

(All tickets include screenings, Q&A, after party)

Full dinner menu available

Launched in the Summer of 2012, Katra Film Series screens a selection of quality shorts by emerging and award-winning filmmakers in NYC and provides a great networking platform for industry professionals. In partnership with Everyone Matters and Rhino Films the 2015 Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a one-on-one meeting with acclaimed Producer Stephen Nemeth from the Academy-Award Nominated The Sessions and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Do you have a short film, web series, short doc, music video you’d like to submit? We’re looking for short content of any genre/form no longer than 45 minutes in length. From NO BUDGET to BIG BUDGET. JUST WOW US! Visual art, experimental, animations are welcome! Submit via Film Freeway https://filmfreeway.com/festival/KatraFilmSeries