2016 Fall Season Premiere


Join us for the 2016 Katra Film Series – Fall Season Premiere!

Featuring a cross-section of experimental, narrative and documentary shorts, highlighting immigration, war crimes and genocide, including an ambitious video art piece from Russia – using mathematical principles and prime numbers, daring the audience to decode it’s journey. We also have a mindbending program of sci-fi films from Argentina and the USA, as well as comedic web series about love, family, and artistic pursuits.

2016 Katra Film Series – September 24th – 5p-10:30p
217 Bowery btw. Rivington and Prince St.
New York, NY 10002
$15 advance online ticket sales
$20 cash door only
(All tickets include Screenings, Q&A, after party)

Do you have a short film, web series, short doc, music video you’d like to submit? SUBMIT HERE: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/KatraFilmSeries

FULL LINEUP (not exact order):

SHE KNOWS– directed by Chandler Perry

In an alternate reality of the 1980’s, Sam and Jessie attend an after school fight club for the telepathically gifted.

BEHIND THE BLINDS– directed by Charles Ancelle & Adrian Morales Ramos

The story follows two Eastern European mobsters who decide to produce an independent film to launder money. Because of their lack of experience, the mobsters hire egotistical cast members and an inexperienced crew.

THE EVAGELISTS – directed by Amy Kersten

In a world where US presidential candidates make remarkably sexist comments – and still gain female supporters – feminism needs advocates and evangelists. Sister Mary Beyoncé and her fellow Evagelists (evangelists for feminism) take up that cause. Part mockumentary, part “ripped from the headlines”, The Evagelists follows Sister Mary Beyoncé and her colleagues as they roam the streets of New York City proclaiming the good news of feminism and using humor to combat the harmful and incorrect “facts” put forth in the media and on the election trail.

IN LOVING MEMORY OF UNCLE – directed by Lily Van Leeuwen

At a reunion Winnie tries to bring her estranged family members closer together by playing a family game. Although intentions are good, soon all hell breaks loose.

VOICES FROM KAW THOO LEI – directed by Martha Gorzycki

Karen People of Burma believe no one hears their pleas for help as their country remains ravaged by a war that has lasted more than six decades.

GHOST LIGHT– directed by Jeanette Bonner

A web series that rips the blinders off what goes on behind-the-scenes in a community theater.

ONE, IF BY LAND – directed by Nandini Sikand

An experimental short film that explores the politics of undocumented immigration to the global North via land, sea and air. Inspired by three stories of real voyages made from Mexico, China and Mozambique, this film looks at the impossibility of arrival, a visual commemoration of the unknown immigrant.

VESSEL– directed by Stephanie Yuhas

Haunted by dreams, Molly tries to convince her family that something is wrong with her pregnancy, but no one heeds her warning.

THREE FINGERS – directed by Paul Hart

An intimate, censorial representation of trauma through the point of view of Jesstine, a mother, wife and Marine veteran. Reaching great depths of despondency, her life and her family unravels until the moment she has nothing left but one final choice.

PARABLE – directed by Diana Rodriguez

Two young brothers living with their parents in isolation begin to question their new world after war, corruption and greed nearly decimate the entire human race.

BEACON – directed by Chance Muehleck

A diseased clone pays a visit to his reclusive creator.

UNCANNY VALLEY– directed by Federico Heller

In the slums of the future, VR junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.

JUST WORDS  – directed by Ilia Antonenko

A quiet domesticated policeman and his happy-go-lucky colleague are investigating a routine suicide. The policeman breaks the law and his own moral principles after hearing a familiar voice from a victim’s cellphone.

BEWEITHEORIE I – directed by Artem Tarkhanov

Video art project ‘beweistheorie I’ (“proof theory”, term of David Hilbert) refers to the time of radical changes in understanding of mathematical axioms – foundational crisis in the beginning of 20th century. At the same time that art was loosing ground in realistic depictions a revolutionary era in modernism began – suprematism, dada, surrealism, etc. The artwork explores relations between different symbol systems and develops its own visual language to represent key ideas of this research – some open questions in art and number theory. Some results are shown indirectly (e.g. original prime numbers sequences) — black paintings can help curious viewers to unravel this strange visual maze.