HANNI’S BARBER SHOP – directed by Tomer Werechson

Hani is a 35 years old single hairdresser that is struggling between her two biggest dreams: being a succesfull and well known hairdresser and finding true love.

UNBALANCED – directed by Corey Stonebrook

A young woman Melissa is attempting to find her zen. The obstacle? That would be the insanity of living in NYC. Through 5 comedic episodes she attempts to jump into this “new age” lifestyle and is thwarted – either by her own beliefs or the city that never sleeps. Is balance an illusion? Or something difficult to attain, but worth the effort?

PITTER PATTER GOES MY HEART – directed by Christoph Rainer

The hopelessly romantic Lisa takes desperate measures to win her former lover back. But the fact that he already has a new girl at his side and that Lisa needs to bring her alcoholic father to an anti-varicose-campaign photo shooting without letting him know, is not particularly helping. The tragedy takes its course.

FOR MARTA – directed by Ryan Guiterman

After a young woman named Alice commits suicide, her sister Marta and her ex-boyfriend Sam spend the next twenty four hours dealing with her death.

An Unwelcomed Guest – directed by Alain Alfaro

A concoction of lies and insecurities spiral into uncharted subjects when long-time friend, Josh, comes to visit newly-engaged Victor with some news about his fiancé, Kathy. 

PRYOR TIME – directed by Aaron Sheer

In 1986, a boy leaves his safe, suburban home to attend a Richard Pryor comedy show in New York City.

DEATH OF A VACUUM – directed by Simone Kisiel

A short, dark comedy about a young woman who comes home to find that her parents are working on a fun new project together – a divorce.

DAFFY – directed by Ayden Skye

Two high schoolers who haven’t said a word to each other since the second grade find out that the key to a memorable school dance… is ditching the school dance.


NUBE – directed by Joel Vargas

Following the election of Donald Trump, Nube, a New York City bottle recycler must go through her day in order to then perform the inconceivable.

HIGH & TIGHT – directed by Luis Servera

High & Tight follows a shaggy-haired, mysterious outsider who returns to the sleepy town where he committed a double-homicide to confront the father of the man he killed, the town’s barber. 

JACK & JILL – directed by Nikhil Melnechuck

Two roving tough girls wreak small-town havoc and seek redemption.

COWBOY’S GIRL – directed by Andrew Piccone

A tense father/daughter reunion spirals out of control.

GUARDED ANGELS – directed by Nick Sarafis

A woman goes missing. Her sister (Jane) arrives in New York to find her. Her only lead – a tattoo on the wrist of her sister in the most recent photo. An emotional “twisted Alice in Wonderland” tale in the dark prostitution world of New York.

HOLA KITTY – directed by Daniel Burity

The film address the challenging issues of Latino illegal immigrants in the US. The main subject is a Latino immigrant who works in New York City in a Hello Kitty costume; a popular Japanese fictional character. 

FOR FLINT – directed by by Brian Schulz

The inspiring story of neighbors banding together to rebuild a community torn apart by lead poisoning in the water supply. Flint is suffering from a stagnant economy, dizzying crime rate, and a water crisis that has captivated a nation. To say that Flint has been hit with hard times would be a vast understatement. But the city’s resiliency is emblematic of the can-do spirit of its residents. This is ‘For Flint.’

NEW NEIGHBORS – directed by E.G. Bailey

How far will a mother go to protect her children?

A 2017 Sundance Official Selection, New Neighbors is a story about a mother and her two sons who move to a new neighborhood, and because of all the killings and assaults on Black Lives she is determined to keep her family safe. She takes to the neighborhood with kids in tow. A clever, resourceful, and unique approach to the BLM dialogue.