SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2017 


(Lineup order subject to change)

MUST LUV ZOMBIES – directed by Heidi Segal

Two lonely newcomers to NYC resort to online dating to find someone who will accept them for who they are – Zombie fanatics.

DEATH OF A VACUUM – directed by Simone Kisiel / written by Adriana Jones

A short, dark comedy about a young woman who comes home to find that her parents are working on a fun new project together – a divorce.

THE HOBBYIST – directed by George Vatistas / produced by David E. Munz Maire

A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.

(UN)BALANCED: A WEB SERIES – directed by Cory Stonebrook / produced by Megan Macphee

This is the story of a young woman Melissa, attempting to find her center. The obstacle? Why, that would be the insanity of living in New York City. Through 5 comedic episodes she attempts to jump into this “new age” life-style and is thwarted – either by her own conflicting beliefs or the city that never sleeps. Is balance an illusion? Or something which is difficult to attain but worth the effort?

GUARDED ANGELS – directed by Nick Sarafis / produced by Yejin Joy Kim

A woman goes missing. Her sister (Jane) arrives in New York to find her. Her only lead – a tattoo on the wrist of her sister in the most recent photo. An emotional “twisted Alice in Wonderland” tale in the dark prostitution world of New York.

GYM CLASS STORIES – directed by Brian McCann / produced by Ryan Davenport

A rivalry between a former athlete turned gym teacher and an overly competitive student leads to a floor hockey game that changes their school forever.

BETWEEN SECONDS – directed by Nora Jaenicke / produced by Nora Jaenicke, Douglas Emerson

The story of two musicians who have grown out of sync with their music and ultimately themselves. Adrian, a classically trained pianist, loses the ability to play in sync with his music when thoughts of his ex-girlfriend flood his mind. Alicia, a struggling opera singer, loses her ability to sing in sync when she realizes she can’t really grasp her dreams. Both the musicians discover mysterious red envelopes which lead them inside of their clocks and into a surreal clock world. Here they must figure out how to synchronize themselves or they risk never being able to play their music again.

FOR MARTA – directed by Ryan Guiterman / produced by Ryan Guiterman, Isabel Ellison, Jess Weiss, Frederic J.A. Richter

After a young woman named Alice commits suicide, her sister Marta and her ex-boyfriend Sam spend the next twenty four hours dealing with her death.

SANTI: ISOLATION – directed by Daniel Rodriguez / produced by Daniel Rodriguez, Mateo Marquez

Following Rolando Chusan during the production of SANTI, Santi: Isolation observes the actor’s process during and between takes.

CREATIONS OF GREED & LUST – directed by Peter Lawton / produced by Peter Lawton, Nicholas Ortiz

Carlo comes across a package meant for his neighbor. Upon opening it, he subjects himself to its mysterious contents with terrifying consequences.

APHASIA – directed by Luke LoCurcio / written & produced by Robin Rose Singer

Emily is your average twenty-something. She texts her friends, talks to people on Facebook, orders things online, and uses GPS to get where she’s going. Until one day, suddenly, she comes face to face with the consequences of living a digital life.

THE BUCKET DRUMMER – directed & produced by Evan Mills

A New York City bucket drummer struggling to sustain his art performing on the streets follows the obvious advice of a strange capitalist and achieves prosperity.

FOR FLINT – directed by Brian Schulz / Produced by Matthew C. Mills, Brian Schulz, Chris Vivion

The inspiring story of neighbors banding together to rebuild a community torn apart by lead poisoning in the water supply. Flint is suffering from a stagnant economy, dizzying crime rate, and a water crisis that has captivated a nation. To say that Flint has been hit with hard times would be a vast understatement. But the city’s resiliency is emblematic of the can-do spirit of its residents. This is ‘For Flint.’

THE SO-SO YOU DON’T KNOW – written and directed by Marlene Rhein 

When the pain of not having who you want leads you to Groupon therapy. 


SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017



(Lineup order subject to change)

THE FINGER – directed by Corydon Wagner and produced by Hilary Mann, Chris Carfizzi, Chris Kubik

A couple meets for a romantic dinner, but a minor medical mishap threatens to derail their night.

TAPE – directed by Nicolas Fasano

After a bank robbery goes wrong for Billy Hogan and his lifelong friend Eddie, Billy must deal with the repercussions of an accidental killing of a security guard. 

THE GOODBYE – directed by Murad Han Karaayvaz

Hasan, a Turkish student, spends his nights working in an off-licence where he is part of a microcosm of eccentric characters. As his shift progresses not only he has to deal with his customers but also his own worries.

VEXED – directed by Marc Cartwright and written by Baker Chase Powell

A romantic date night goes horribly wrong when a couple questions the validity of horror film plots.

BEWARE, THE BEAST I WORSHIP – directed by Adam Chitayat

A man on a subway train encounters a voice heard only in his head, coming from a dog with twisted intentions.

FEATS OF MODEST VALOUR – directed by Alice McDowell & Mia Mullarkey

In Feats of Modest Valour, three individuals live clockwork existences, dictated by a strict regime of medication and the challenging physical reality of living with Parkinson’s. Meanwhile, a team of dedicated scientists in Galway are developing a new medical device, which could potentially halt or even cure the devastating disease. 

BEFORE CHRISTMAS – directed by He Chuyao and produced by Zhang Hao

A lower class Chinese family moves to a big city for a living. The father and his son Xiao Lee, an 18 year-old teenager who dreams of becoming a singer, begin working hard labor in a Christmas decoration factory. Reluctant to face reality, Xiao Lee decides to make a change to pursue his dream. Tragedy is in store for this young man and his poor family as they become victims of Chinese society.

FULL SERVICE – directed by Kpage Stuart Valdes

Abike, a Nigerian born oil industry executive and a Christian, is driving to a friend’s country house when she realizes her tank is needling towards empty. She pulls into the only station she can find where she is greeted by Scott, a local who inherited his business from his grandfather. Scott has never met anyone like Abike, which leads him to make assumptions about her based on stereotypes and unexamined biases. When Abike challenges him, with a mixture of bold humor and equally bold gravitas, he is left to ponder their commonalties and her power. Full Service explores the effects of globalization on local economies and culture, our propensity to stereotype others, and the fact that we are all more complex than we seem.